Slave to the Thrill – Velvet Cotton Rag 2015


Varnished Velvet Cotton Rag Giclée Print

Slave to the Thrill – “2015 remix” 46×36 

Hand-Varnished Velvet Cotton Rag Archival Museum-Grade Giclée Print”

Salve to the Thrill – 1989 / “the 2015 remix” Image size 40 x 30 – boarder 3 inches – 46 x 36

One of Three in print series – “only one available”

questions, to purchase, & all inquiries contact me directly at

Edge of boarders may show slight digs from gallery clips – does not effect image space

I shoot this image in the late 80’s on a 4×5 camera, it was assembled cut & past with B&W fiber prints by hand then airbrushed. For the 1st time it has beed rescanned from original film and re-envisioned digitally in extreme hi resolution

Using the highest quality papers and inks available anywhere, I always felt like it was a shame to cover these magnificent prints with glass or plexi…

So after allot of testing – different paper stocks, varnishes, and application methods. The perfect combination of Pura Velvet and Timeless varnish with a roller has been perfected!

These prints come protected and don’t need glass with framing. They can be shadow box framed or even just hung with gallery clips. Keeping the magnificence of the paper alive.

This is the coolest way to print I have ever seen!

( and its not offered commercially anywhere )

No joke, pour a little bit of water on the surface of one. Watch it bead up and wipe away clean and dry like Teflon.

Slave to the Thrill – Canvas

Slave to the Thrill – Canvas

Slave to the Thrill – Canvas Print – 52×41 $495

Snow in June – Cibachrome

Snow in June – Cibachrome

Snow in June – Framed Cibachrome Print $1,795

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