Been in the family forty years

Initially purchased in Hollywood, “Beverly Hills, that is. Swimmin’ pools, movie stars”.

the San Diego Years

Pauka acquired this beauty in the early 80s
from the Macaluso Collection out of Santa Barbra.

2014 Nohr’s Auto Haus completes a 3.2 straight six engine swap from a 1993 E300. Micheal said the odometer had spun around at least three times by then that he knew of…

The last California photo session July 2023

Elvis has left the building, loading up to head back East – destination RVA.

The Sound Flamingo helped me find all the broken and loose stereo wires!
Brother Michael installed a KILLER Stereo in the late 80s – everything Booms again.

Making it my own with the little touches: converting ashtrays to change holders, cigar lighters to charging ports, and adding cup holders! Back then, everybody got an ashtray, but no one got a cup holder? Yeah, that dealt with…

The Big Black school bus departs for the first day of school, a big hit on the senior lot.

The quest for finding the right Mercedes Guru in Richmond went way better than expected, and Boy, did I get Lucky.

[…] – 2022

[…] – 2022

la mia Famiglia Work in progress, current iPhone photos “personal family

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