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the 2K Fresnels

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My first shoot…

And the movie lights?

These lights are the real deal. Meaning that they’re old, and we’re designed and built as working tools for the movie industry. Each has been meticulously restored, rebuilt and…
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I have no fear of scars. In fact when we got ready to do this Hugh Syme’s concept, I was looking for something that would punctuate the image beyond…
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The Unforgiven

This is not a movie set, but actual real life in my hometown of Santa Ynez. The Unforgiven showed up in their clothes, looking like full grown men who’d…
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Roll the Bones

XMay 29, 2016
Rush The fourteenth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released September 3, 1991 on Anthem Records. 2016 revived photographers

White Faerie

XJune 26, 2010
It’s hard to find faeries, but especially so when you want them to seem empowered and lethal –

60s Grrrl

XJanuary 30, 2020
Andy Warhol was a genius Twiggy was an angel. I’m pretty sure most angels have British accents, but

My Art Sales

XMarch 3, 2020
Access my personal art collection – Scarpati Archive 1991 – 2015 It’s official – I’m simplifying my existence.

Merch & Swag

XFebruary 15, 2019
Scarpati Threads now open for business! Official T-Shirts direct from the source, now available from the comfort of

1940’s B&M 2K

XFebruary 6, 2020
Bardwell and McAlister 2K  [1930 – 1960] Repurposed Vintage Hollywood Movie Light rewired with standard Edison bulbs to