my Cinquecento Sport

The 500 is getting a 10th-anniversary complete makeover

starting a bit early so I can have time as an every other weekend thing…

[one owner / that’s me]

New tires, brakes, battery, window tint, stripes – looking into some performance upgrades too!

new stripe package

detailing everything right down to the engine compartment

badging & trim


Of course, the fourteen-year-old boy in me can’t help but add some stickers!

Couldn’t help myself one more stripe package [done with stripes now, really!]


Wet Okole Hawaii – neoprene seat covers really are the best!

Mine were custom-made for me out of Costa Mesa, and that place is surfer approved too, so that’s fine…

Some easter eggs for fun!

1920s B&M Cyclorama

1920s B&M Cyclorama

Bardwell and McAlister 1920s  Cyclorama Light Ultra Rare film studio Cyclorama

Their 1st press photo

Their 1st press photo

Triple X Records had just signed Jane’s Addiction; they needed a press photo

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