here comes the BooM

This summer, I will be pairing lights with booms for the first time.

Both Mole Richardson Comet type 75 booms & 1930/40s Beattie booms are currently in the works! Like those cool arch lights from the 60s – but with a much cooler industrial vintage vibe!

As cool as these fixtures are, they will require a bigger room to work well. they are big, yeah old school working professional tools – Not cheap scaled-down knockoffs – they are the Real Deal…

Beattie super Hi-Lite’s on Booms…
George Hurrell & Jane Russell in Hurrell’s Beverly Hills Studio, c. 1942


Book Preview

Book Preview

Cramp, Slash, & Burn: “When Punk and Glam were Twins” Sorry, the

On St John

On St John

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