White Faerie – Aluminum

White Faerie – Aluminum Frameless


White Faerie 2010

AluminArte high definition imaging on aluminum

Frameless Float Mount  28 x 28

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AluminArte is high definition, photographic imaging on aluminum Frameless Float Mount Brushed aluminum box construction supports and “floats” art off the wall

White Faerie

It’s hard to find faeries, especially when you want them to seem empowered and lethal — and the White Faerie was to be the most powerful.The whole mythologically-driven fantasy of whimsical little faeries gets flipped upside down: she is so threatening just being, she doesn’t have to posture. It’s the little things that add gravity. Her hands and how they lay evoke a raptor’s claws, even a gunfighter about to draw. The White Faerie was inspired in part by the girl from Underworld, especially the hair, since she’s practically an albino vampire. To add contrast and a hint of reality, I didn’t drain all the skin tones. Because the butterfly wings were black and white with a hint of nude, they reinforced her fleshiness.

Polished Aluminum
The mad scientist who did my aluminum printing is the same guy who 1st figured out how to print photographs on coffee mugs. He also figured out how to print on mouse pads. Understandably, he is absolutely secretive about his processes. No telling what he’ll start printing on next, I tested the 8 top metal printer at the time, this printer was light years ahead of everyone else…

Unforgiven – Optica

Unforgiven – Optica

Unforgiven – framed Optica print $995

Stephen Sumney

Stephen Sumney

Stephen Sumney A lot of the subjects I shoot end up becoming friends

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