Punk Rocker – Canvas on Bars


Punk Rocker- giclee on Chromata canvas 20 X 38

Varnished with breathing color for canvas protection, 2 in stretcher bars – Museum Quality & Archival

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Original image taken 1982 in San Diego on 2 1/4 plus X while I was still in college before art school. Film scanned and printed 2010 for the Eyes Wide Open Show.

“TRUE EXHBIT PIECE” – From the Actual Show Pieces in my personal collection

These are the “real ones” my fine Art that has traveled, hung, and been seen “Shipped from L.A. to New York” and places between.

As careful as we are here – Frame or plexiglass may show light signs of having been out in the world and lived…


I was always into music, always hanging around Music Etc in Solvang, CA, flipping through every cassette in the store. It made me know I wanted to be a rock & roll photographer…and I got lucky ‘cause it was also the moment punk started happening.

Cleopatra was the girlfriend of the bass player of the Battalion of Saints. It seemed the easiest way to succeed was to get one of those come-as-you are girls from the scene who embodied all of it. When you walked into a club, you couldn’t help but look at her, so she was perfect for my first photo shoot and taught me a lot about the beauty of how people really look.

Moshing was a big part of it. Getting into a pit of people and throwing yourself against them and the music; even the girls did it, so she had those bruises. They were so authentically her, earned in the name of all those great bands, I saw them as badges of love and courage, and it changed how I viewed the marks life leaves.

Great materials, be they a set or an object, most certainly a woman, can bring things to life. Cleopatra was quiet and mysterious, and we shot a few more times. Even a long night in a limo at the Del Coronado Hotel, fashion gone bad, champagne bottles in hand, misadventure, bad boys and the waste they laid behind.

And I never knew her real name!

Of course I didn’t tell her it was my first shoot…

Technical & Production specs:

Ink: aqueous-based pigment inks, 100+ years archival certified.

Canvas: 19 mil, 450gsm matte poly-cotton canvas, OBA-free, 100+ years archival certified.

Varnish: timeless, non yellowing UV protection, 100+ years archival certified.

Stretcher Bars: solid fir and Canadian basswood, less susceptible to warping.

Presto – Canvas

Presto – Canvas

Presto – Canvas Print – 2015 $495

Redd Kross – Canvas

Redd Kross – Canvas

Redd Kross – Canvas Print – 42X42 $495

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