Snow in June – Cibachrome

Snow in June – Framed Cibachrome Print


Snow in June . shot 1990 – 48 x 33 Framed Cibachrome Printed in 1995

German water glass UV & anti glare, all archival framing

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Eyes Wide Open Actual Sow Pieces (personal stash!)

These are the “real ones” my fine Art that has traveled, hung, and been seen “Shipped from L.A. to New York” and places between. As such they are Real True Scarpati Exhibit Pieces, many are older and printed on mediums no longer in existence. As careful as we are here – some may show signs of having been out in the world and lived…

Every piece in this section is in gallery hanging condition, but they are not brand new, some may be many years old and may have a few battle scars.

If you have concerns about the condition message me for a detailed blow by blow – the full condition description and photo close-ups. These pieces are from my personal collection

Another Hugh Syme concept. To execute what he sees is always a ton of work, wildly thrilling and a major challenge. He’s such a visionary, you don’t want to let him down; at the same time, it pushes you so far into your potential and capabilities, you get pulled into a whole other kind of momentum.

We did this on Polo Pan, a 35 mm process transparency that’s fragile and slightly unpredictable, but has a very quirky, grainy texture which gives the images this look.We used an old school, archival printing process that’s still in effect, but is so labor and cost intensive, people don’t want to use it…

But there’s no denying the way it comes across. Casting was critical. Nowhere other than Hollywood will you find the depth of quirky, unexpected characters who are willing to immerse in your concept and really participate. You want to know what their careers were like, who they were, what they did because they bring so much dimension and presence to what makes no sense.

Cibachrome Wet Print

This approach goes back to the swinging 60s. Much like the Type R Wet print, it was a more expensive, time- and technician-intensive process. High gloss and high contrast, it has very specific uses – but when properly matched to the job, there is nothing like it. Cibachrome was the first wet process to be deemed archival, these images will last a lifetime

This image was capture on 35mm Polapan monochrome instant slide film and Printed on Cibachrome paper. Both mediums are now extinct. In 2012, Ilford announced its final production of materials to make this kind of print. Polaroid discontinued Polapan film in 2001.

Slave to the Thrill – Cotton Rag

Slave to the Thrill – Cotton Rag

Slave to the Thrill – Velvet Cotton Rag 2015 $895

Texacala – Canvas

Texacala – Canvas

Texacala – Canvas Print – 42×42 $495

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