Easter – 1987 – 16 x 24 Cibachrome print 1995



Easter  – shot 1987 – 48 x 33 Framed

Cibachrome Printed in 1995 

German water glass UV & anti glare, all archival framing

         I’d scouted several graveyards in LA before I found this one, but I fell in love immediately with the perspective of the giant cross and the small chapel in its sight lines. In researching Easter, you learn a lot about its Pagan roots which actually lie in fertility and procreation – which probably explains all the Easter rabbits.

         This was shot at midnight on my birthday and we used infrared film, which captures heat, not light – which is how we got this sort of exposure. There are the things you figure out, like you can’t use a wispy model girl to get her arms and legs around a cross that size! Instead we found this amazing female basketball player who could not just get her arms around it, but could hang on with a sense of strength and an almost animal-like urgency and need.

         I did a process called tri-color printing with a copy camera. It’s a very old school posterization technique, where you expose a single sheet of film three times with different colors.

         We were probably there less than an hour. You know it’s not really about how you shoot, it’s about knowing when you’ve got it.

Eyes Wide Open Actual Sow Pieces (personal stash!)

These are the “real ones” my fine Art that has traveled, hung, and been seen “Shipped from L.A. to New York” and places between. As such they are Real True Scarpati Exhibit Pieces, many are older and printed on mediums no longer in existence. As careful as we are here – some may show signs of having been out in the world and lived…
Every piece in this section is in gallery hanging condition, but they are not brand new, some may be many years old and may have a few battle scars.
If you have concerns about the condition message me for a detailed blow by blow – the full condition description and photo close-ups. These pieces are from my personal collection

Cleopatra – Dye Transfer

Cleopatra – Dye Transfer

Cleopatra [Dye Transfer Print]1991 $950

English Eccentrics – Dye Transfer

English Eccentrics – Dye Transfer

English Eccentrics [Dye Transfer Print] 1991 $950

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