Microphone CS&B element – Canvas

Microphone CS&B element – Canvas on Bars



Microphone – giclee on Chromata canvas 20 X 20

Varnished canvas on stretcher bars

20 x 20 Printed on Chromata (less textured) canvas
8-Color aqueous pigment technology, prints are hand-varnished twice and then stretched on heavy 1.5″ deep wooden bars ready to hang.

So I recently produced a book documenting my crazy years photographing Hollywood’s punk and glam scenes in the 1980s. Many high-profile musicians from that era (those still living anyway) contributed stories. A bunch also sent along authentic relics they’d managed to hang onto over the decades. Each of those chosen for the book was shot as a ridiculously high-definition digital image. Which is a good thing, because they translate beautifully into large, lush prints.

Original 2011 medium format photography – Design element from the book
Cramp, Slash, & Burn: “When Punk and Glam were Twins”

Technical & Production specs:
Image Captured: 7320 x 5484 active pixels (40 megapixels)
Ink: aqueous-based pigment inks, 100+ years archival certified.
Canvas: 19 mil, 450gsm matte poly-cotton canvas, OBA-free, 100+ years archival certified. Varnish: timeless, non yellowing UV protection, 100+ years archival certified. Stretcher Bars: solid fir and Canadian basswood, less susceptible to warping.

Hooked – Dye Transfer

Hooked – Dye Transfer

Hooked [Dye Transfer Print] 1991 $950

Mike Ness – Canvas

Mike Ness – Canvas

Mike Ness – Canvas on Bars $495

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