the 2K Fresnels

After 30 years as a commercial photographer I’ve finally got my 1st hobby! 

“American photographer John Scarpati has taken to scouring old Hollywood studio supply warehouses in search of restoration-worthy examples. made between the 1920’s and 1940’s, each light is a one-of-a-kind original, complete with vintage stand or tripod.they exude the sort of patina that can’t be matched by cheaply mass-produced repros, yet ironically, the lights in his etsy shop actually cost less than the replicas available in upscale malls. ‘my personal favorite finish is a heavy, industrial, vibe,’ explains scarpati. ‘completely refurbished, but still keeping its vintage look intact. less of a polished finished and more real deal.’”-   “Designboom“

2K lights can be purchased at Old Hollywood Light Company

Bardwell & McAlister 1940’s Vintage 2K Hollywood Movie Light

1940’s 410 2K Mole Richardson Vintage Hollywood Movie Light

All 2K lights are rewired with standard Edison socket and bulb to be used as a standing lamp. Completely refurbished, while still keeping its vintage look intact.

See the Actual Reviews –  That’s what they said!

“This 2K spotlight by B&M is such a nice edition to our decor. The seller does a great job not over restoring his lights like some of the others you may see. He leaves the right amount of patina which really adds a lot of character. If you are considering this look for your home don’t buy a reproduction you will get so much more enjoyment knowing you have an authentic spot from the golden era of film.

I had several questions which were all promptly answered, the light was packaged securely and shipping was quick. I highly recommend Scarpatistudio, you won’t be disappointed.”


the 1K Fresnels

the 1K Fresnels

Vintage Hollywood Movie Lights Restored & Repurposed These lights are the

Richmond BizSense

Richmond BizSense

My personal favorite OHL Co

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