Reclaiming vintage Hollywood lights one fixture at a time.

“Restoring these old beauties is definitely a labor of love for Scarpati. After tracking down one or two of these rare creatures stashed in a forgotten corner of some cavernous L.A. warehouse — a feat in itself — he gets them to his personal workshop, where he completely breaks down each to its individual parts. Every knob, lens and metal component is cleaned, stripped and refinished, with impossibly rare missing parts found and fitted.

Often, lamps and stands are discovered separately. Scarpati is a stickler for detail, so he actually insists on matching every light to a stand made by the same manufacturer. New wiring, a fresh bulb suitable for home use, and you’re good to go. If by now you’re realizing that all this entails a tremendous amount of sleuthery and hard work, you are correct. Occasionally, the internet will offer up a similar example of industrial hardware from Hollywood’s golden age. But nobody, nobody, even comes close to this level of restoration.”

5K lights can be purchased at Old Hollywood Light Co.

“Vintage film lighting makes for first-class furniture when rewired for domestic use, these lights allow you to vary The attributes of light include brightness, beam pattern, color, direction, quality (specular/ diffused), and contrast, to create an inviting ambience.”

All 5K lights are rewired with standard Edison socket and bulb to be used as a standing lamp. Completely refurbished, while still keeping its vintage look intact.

5K lights can be purchased at Old Hollywood Light Co.