1940’s B&M 2K

Bardwell and McAlister 2K  [1930 – 1960]

Repurposed Vintage Hollywood Movie Light rewired with standard Edison bulbs to be used as a standing lamp. Light Fixture & rolling junior Rolling Stand (adjustable height from 4′ to 7′ feet) Thick metal housing. cast iron details. brass parts, 10″ inch fresnel lens. Completed refurbished while still keeping it’s vintage look intact.

These vintage 2K lights are primarily restored with one of three finishes:

“Heavy Metal”: our classic signature look, sand blasted then buffed with wire brushes, next aged to perfection with metallic rubs.

“Rust Never Sleeps”: yup blasted & buffed again, then sprayed with a traditional Japanese brown patina utilizing a 400 year old formula made by monks. cool chemical patina process sealed with color loc varnish.

“Back n Black”: 1950’s black crinkle finish, a classic mid century machine age finish.


Disassembled, Stripped, Restored, & Repurposed. All functions working properly Tilt, Pan, and Spot / Flood [All components historically correct]

Lights can be purchased at Old Hollywood Light Co.

Bardwell & McAlister – (B & M Lighting) has been in the business of manufacturing motion picture lighting and production equipment since 1926. Although the company has changed hands several times throughout the years B&M has always maintained the respect of professional filmmakers, providing television and major motion picture studios with quality products and services. During the 1940′s B & M had over 200 employees in five separate plants here in southern California and published it’s own in house news paper called the Spotlight. B&M dedicated three of those facilities to producing bomb loaders and other military equipment for the war effort based upon the design of their camera dolly and other production products.

Actual Reviews – that’s what they said!

“OK anyone on the fence about buying one of these Gems you need to get off that fence! NOW. It fits perfect in our theater room but it could fit anywhere IMO. I love this 10k light!!!. This is the real deal folks. the power cord is as thick as your finger! Its like being transported back in time. It will put a smile on your face and you’ll find yourself hypnotized staring into that Fresnel lens, at a low dim setting of course.’

Customer service?
You cant beat scarpati studios. This guy is the best you could ever get, just like his lights. I racked up a lot of emailed questions and everyone of those questions was promptly responded to even at all hours of the day and evening ! Geez this guy is good.
What can I say:
1st class seller
1st class communication,
1st class product.

Mole 410 2K

Mole 410 2K

 Mole Richardson 410 2K [1930 – 1950] Repurposed Vintage Hollywood Movie

Road Trip – LA to RVA

Road Trip – LA to RVA

RoRshak a man driven… buddy Rory was out working in Los Angels, he decide

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