the 1K Fresnels

Vintage Hollywood Movie Lights Restored & Repurposed

These lights are the real deal. Meaning that they’re old, and we’re designed and built as working tools for the movie industry. Each has been meticulously restored, rebuilt and rewired for home use. Finding great examples is a labor of love. These are the real-deal – the lights that literally helped define Hollywood’s golden age. The character and cool factor are far beyond the offshore knockoffs you’ll find in upscale malls. Complete with period- and manufacturer-correct rolling stand. Difficult to find, and nearly impossible in such immaculate condition.

1950’s Bardwell and McAlister Hollywood Movie Keg Light

1930’s Beattie Hollywood Super Hi-Lite’


All 1K lights are rewired with standard Edison socket and bulb to be used as a standing lamp. Completely refurbished, while still keeping its vintage look intact. 

Lights can be purchased on line here Old Hollywood Light Company

the 10K Fresnels

the 10K Fresnels

If I’ve learned anything as a photographer, it’s that the light

the 2K Fresnels

the 2K Fresnels

After 30 years as a commercial photographer I’ve finally got my 1st

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