Beattie News-Reel

Beattie News-Reel Floodlight  [1930 – 1950]

Classic film studio light made by BEATTIE lights , a division of OTTO K. OLESEN COMPANY Hollywood, CA

Rewired with standard Edison socket and bulb to be used as a standing lamp.  Rolling Stand (adjustable height from 4′ to 8′ feet), Metal housing, cast iron details, 15″ inch reflector. Completely refurbished, while still keeping its vintage look intact.

Disassembled, Stripped, Restored, & Repurposed. All functions working properly Tilt, Pan, and Spot / Flood

New-Reel Flood Lights available at Old Hollywood Light Co.

Otto K. Olesen – Was the first to provide lights for shooting motion pictures inside a studio. Hollywood’s original illumination engineer was inducted into the Scandinavian American Hall of Fame in California, at the Nordic Spirit Symposium.

Otto K. Olesen, who died in 1964, emigrated from Denmark to California in 1911 as a 20-year-old college graduate. Starting with two abandoned military searchlights, he developed his lighting technique and within a few years launched the use of lighting for premieres. He was the first to provide lights for shooting motion pictures inside a studio.

He went on to become the first lighting engineer for the Hollywood Bowl and Los Angeles Coliseum. He provided the lighting for the 1927 grand opening of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood and the 1937 opening ceremony of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, which utilized 500 searchlights fed by 30 miles of cable.

Actual Reviews – that’s what they said!

“I love this light. Better than I ever expected. Sellers like Scarpati are the reason why Etsy is such a wonderful makrketplace. The light was shipped very quickly and though it’s a complex item to package, tremendous care and effort was made to make sure it was perfectly and safely shipped. Scarpati also send me notes and detailed directions on how to set up the light and care for it, which bulbs to use, and quickly answered all my questions. I will definitely buy from him again!!!!!”

Mickey Mole

Mickey Mole

Mickey Mole [1960 & 1970 models] Mole Richardson Mickey Mole Hollywood Movie

Mole 410 2K

Mole 410 2K

 Mole Richardson 410 2K [1930 – 1950] Repurposed Vintage Hollywood Movie

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