1940’s J. G McAlister Hollywood 5K

Classic film studio light made by Bardwell and McAlister, Inc. of Hollywood, CA during the Golden Era of film. Repurposed Vintage Hollywood Movie Light rewired with standard Edison E26 bulbs to be used as a standing lamp. Light Fixture, Rolling Junior Stand (adjustable height from 4′ to 8′ feet). Thick metal housing, cast iron details, brass parts, 12″ inch Fresnel lens. This light has been meticulously refurbished, while still keeping it’s vintage look intact.

Disassembled, Stripped, Restored, & Repurposed. All functions working properly Tilt, Pan, and Spot / Flood [All components historically correct]

Lights can be purchased at Old Hollywood Light Co.

Bardwell & McAlister – (B & M Lighting) has been in the business of manufacturing motion picture lighting and production equipment since 1926. Although the company has changed hands several times throughout the years B&M has always maintained the respect of professional filmmakers, providing television and major motion picture studios with quality products and services. During the 1940′s B & M had over 200 employees in five separate plants here in southern California and published it’s own in house news paper called the Spotlight. B&M dedicated three of those facilities to producing bomb loaders and other military equipment for the war effort based upon the design of their camera dolly and other production products.

Actual Reviews – that’s what they said!

“Every once and awhile a purchase comes up that requires a detailed review and discussion. The Mickey Mole 1K vintage theater light is one of those items. First, the light itself: it has been painstakingly restored to its former glory. It was beyond my wildest expectations. There are quite a few well known companies who try to restore or replicate these types of lights, but fail miserably compared to this shop. This is the real deal. Whether you are into vintage theater or just want an industrial vibe, this light (and it’s bigger siblings) are amazing. Second, the man responsible for the restoration is a true professional, a master craftsman, and a great source of knowledge…Definitely a visionary and an artist. John made the entire process very enjoyable…an outstanding experience in every way.”

1940’s B&M Hollywood 10K

1940’s B&M Hollywood 10K

Classic film studio light made in Hollywood, CA during the Golden Era of film

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Johnny’s Deck Pizzeria

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