Johnny’s Deck Pizzeria

PIES – Neapolitan Pizza, Chicago, New York, & Sicilian

Several new hobbies have come to be over the last year (it’s a pandemic thing). The 1st up was “Johnny’s Pizza Deck” perfecting our Neapolitan Pizza, Calzone, Stromboli, Farinata & Focaccia Bread, all homemade, homegrown, and baked in my new pizza oven on the rear deck over looking the work-shed!


Adriana accepted the position as Dough Maker, so the years of slime making has paid off! Except sauce that is still imported from New Jersey (home made with home grown tomatoes), Next up Mediterranean street food & Stews!

Dialing in the best temperatures for our oven:
Napoletana pizza – 700 – 800
New York-style pizza – 600 – 650
Margherita pizza – 500 – 550

And Yes we grew our own herbs…

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1940’s J. G McAlister Hollywood 5K

1940’s J. G McAlister Hollywood 5K

Classic film studio light made by Bardwell and McAlister, Inc

Cauldrons Bubble

Cauldrons Bubble

“Double, double toil and trouble” Fall / Winter experiment – out door

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