upstairs landing studio

Official new Tiny Studio

It’s tiny but it works, I love my upstairs landing studio!
Started by turning the fourth bedroom into an equipment storage room, now if I shoot on the upstairs landing I only have to move gear about 10ft to work, nothing needs to go downstairs…

Embracing the Tiny Movement – Sold the medium formate camera and got a 35mm mirrorless, Sold the cargo van and got a Fiat 500, Sold the photo studio and now shoot on a 6×12 ft landing – still makes me shake my head “this is NuTz” but so far its working great!

And then “As If by Magic” the Studio is gone…
Like it was never there…
Or was it?

Cauldrons Bubble

Cauldrons Bubble

“Double, double toil and trouble” Fall / Winter experiment – out door

“That’s What They Said”

“That’s What They Said”

Some actual reviews pulled from my Etsy site!

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