Pandemic Hobby #3

Embarked on several personal projects over the big quarantine…

There was the Pizza Oven, the Stew Pit, and now the Vintage T-Shirt Project. This adventure started when Heather wanted a couple old concert tour T’s from her teens, turns out they dont exist anyplace any more…

[and believe me I spent allot of time looking]

So I was like…  I can recreate them for you honey, what are they!
First up was Voivod from the 1989 Nothing Face tour.
Next on deck was the Ramones, but from when Marky was the drummer (1978 – 1983).

This opened a giant can of worms – defunct venues, clubs, favorite old restaurants all kinds of vintage memories from my West Coast experience to Heather’s East Coast experience…
Here are a few – I think they came out particularly well!
(only one of each was made)

If this project doesn’t end soon I will need a bigger closet, I only posted but a few examples of all the designs I recreated…


And Now Giant Pretzels

And Now Giant Pretzels

The Pizza Oven started off with Pizza obviously – but soon to follow was

Cleopatra – Canvas

Cleopatra – Canvas

Cleopatra – canvas print – 47×54 $495

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