Fates Warning

The Venus de Milo statue carries over from the band’s previous album, where the man in bed – who would go on to be the face of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” – had been shot in three different spots watching a conveyor belt of de Milos pass by. That was a triple exposure of a single frame, and a lot of fun, but after that, we needed to do something a bit more straightforward Obviously, for him, life was a lot easier on the set, though I don’t know how he felt about his terminal illness. Regardless, there is a strong foreboding to the image, a reality check about human frailty and the inevitable.
Some things are just straightforward; this is one. Look at the emptiness and void on the little girl’s face. She’s already numb to life, and even in her innocence, she can’t feel any more.

Another happy accident – the quilt was made long ago by my stylist’s German grandmother.

The Storm

The Storm

We wanted to create something epic for the band – and to draw upon an influence



Dramarama          Twiggy

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