The Storm

We wanted to create something epic for the band – and to draw upon an influence that would be unexpected. In this case, it was to introduce the notion of Magritte in a most quintessential way, then use the bull’s eye composition to really lock in the vision.

This is also a testament to fundamentals and materials. The lightning really brought it to life; the airbrushed background was from Sky Arts and it was 30×20 feet, while the reflection pond which we built in my LA studio was 20×20 and a foot deep.

The heroism of the shot is also built in by expanding the horizon lines to carry across great distances, showing the girth and magnificence of this world being conjured.

Rene François Ghislain Magritte his work hit me hard when I was young and impressionable. So I’ve always hoped the day would come when it would make sense to take his brilliant inspiration and run with it.




Great White I’m not terribly comfortable receiving compliments



Fates Warning The Venus de Milo statue carries over from the band’s previous

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