1960’s Vintage Mole Richardson 415 Senior Spot

1970’s film studio light made by Mole Richardson, Inc. of Hollywood, CA. Rewired with standard Edison E26 socket and bulb to be used as a standing lamp.

Light Fixture & matching Rolling Mole Richardson Senior Stand (adjustable height from 6′ to 12′ feet)
* this is a GIGANTIC stand – bottom legs are 2 ft each and stand at most compressed setting is 60 inches high. This means a ceiling hight of 8 ft is not high enough to instal the light on the stand. The light once installed on stand is 7 ft 10 inches at minimum hight!

Thick metal housing, steel, cast iron details, brass parts, 14″ inch Fresnel lens. Completed refurbished while still keeping it’s vintage look intact.

Lights can be purchased at Old Hollywood Light Co.

Mole-RichardsonAlso known as Mole, is a stage lighting instrument and motion picture lighting manufacturing company originally based in Hollywood, California. The company was started in 1927 by Sicilian immigrant Pietro “Peter” Mule (changed to Mole). Born November 10, 1891, in the Italian town of Termini Imerese, Palermo, Sicily, he first worked for General Electric (GE) in New York.

In 1927 he began selling incandescent tungsten lighting to the film industry, which allowed a more natural lighting than the previous arc lights. The new lights were also silent, an advantage for the new sound films.

Mole-Richardson invented the Fresnel Solar Spot unit in 1935, adapting the fresnel lighthouse lens for use in motion pictures. It won the first of four technical Academy Awards the company has earned.

Actual Reviews – that’s what they said!

“What a terrific experience I had purchasing a restored 2k Mole Richardson. From the get go communication was fast and detailed. The product I was interested in was no longer available, however, they were happy to restore another on demand for me and I felt a part of it because I received photos of the progress. Timelines were given, and product was shipped to me ahead of schedule. No complaints except I wish I needed another light to do it again. :-). Oh the picture attached is prior to me putting the light on the stand that was also terrifically restored as well. Thanks!!!”

1960’s Bardwell McAlister 5K Vintage Movie Light

1960’s Bardwell McAlister 5K Vintage Movie Light

Heavy Metal: our classic signature look, sand blasted then buffed with wire

1940’s B&M Hollywood 10K

1940’s B&M Hollywood 10K

Classic film studio light made in Hollywood, CA during the Golden Era of film

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