You’ve probably heard that line about the 1960s – if you remember much of it, you must not have been there. The same could be said about Hollyweird in the 80s, although by then we’d developed a whole different slant on coloring outside the lines. Sharper. Darker. More dangerous, if that’s even possible.
This was full-contact, high-performance living at its best and worst. Of course there was no guarantee anyone would make it out the other end of that jagged kaleidoscope alive. But if you did survive, whatever memories you could smuggle out in your guitar case were definitely going to be worth their weight in skulls and mascara.

In an era when most photographers shot bands live, Scarpati’s studio work was sublime. He created portraits that not only captured the core essence of his subjects, but also were also serious works of art. He had an eye for detail, incredible lighting skills and a knack for presenting his subjects elegantly. Through his lens, their raw, trashy excess and vulgar beauty became noble. – Pleasant Gehman

“Scarpati is crazy. sometimes when i look over my fence i see naked girls in fairy wings drinking beer.” – Harmony korine

After all, my work has been based on a vast coterie of influences: 24 hour diners, erotic photographers, epic history, punk rock, art books carried across Europe in a backpack, faeries, cheap booze, tall tales, lost nights, major statements, the challenge of “can it be done”, religious and sexual landmines, reasonable doubt, heavy metal and… did I mention those girls with their eyes lined with kohl?
You get the idea.


Richmond BizSense

Richmond BizSense

My personal favorite OHL Co

60s Grrrl

60s Grrrl

Andy Warhol was a genius Twiggy was an angel

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