Korby Lenker looks as good as he sounds

Every once in a while I cross paths with an indy artist who just stands head and shoulders above most of the music out there. Korby Lenker is one of those guys. He’s smart, he’s funny, and just a brilliant singer/songwriter/performer/producer/whatever. It’s always fun to help introduce an important new face to the music world, and this assignment was no exception. Check him out, seriously.

There’s only one Korby Lenker, and he’s it. Brilliant, sensitive, poignant, goofy and superliterate, he’s an unlikely combination that actually works so well it’s scary. And then there’s those eyes. Capturing his vibe for an upcoming CD release was both daunting and fun. We needed a look that could reflect his complex brand of idiosyncrasy without seeming like it was trying too hard. The final product speaks for itself.