Divide and Conquer

Danni Leigh


Danni is truly a natural-born badass. Just to be clear, I mean this in the most positive sense imaginable. She also happens to sing really well, and looks good doing it.

I love shooting people who know exactly who they are, and are thoroughly comfortable being that person. Most of the strong personalities that cross my path seem to have this going for them. Apparently they don’t have the time or inclination to try being someone else.

It almost feels like cheating sometimes, getting to spend time up close with so many amazing and unique characters. The cheating part is that I get to learn from all of them, stealing their good qualities to the best of my ability.

Women Without Hats

Women Without Hats

working title

John Mcmullen

John Mcmullen

Melodic rocker John McMullan has become a staple on almost any powerpop

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