White Faerie

It’s hard to find faeries,

but especially so when you want them to seem empowered and lethal – and the White Faerie was to be the most powerful of all. The whole mythological-driven fantasy of this creates a counter-intuivity: she is so threatening just being, she doesn’t have to posture or pose.

Again, it’s the little things, too, that really add the gravity. Her hands and how they lay evoke an eagle’s talons or a dinosaur’s claws, even a gunfighter about to draw. The White Faerie was inspired in part by the girl from “Underworld,” especially the hair, since this is basically an almost albino vampire presence.
But to add the contrast and the hint of reality, I didn’t quite drain all the skin tones out because she was pale to start with. And I heightened the flesh and blood sense by finding butterfly wings that were black and white and nude to reinforce what she was made of.


There are two species, broadly speaking – those who feed by day and sleep at night, and then the nocturnal ones.

Knowing which type you’re dealing with is not always as easy as it might seem. There is one way to tell beyond any shadow of a doubt, but it involves a procedure I’m not at liberty to discuss. Besides, the only candles guaranteed to produce accurate results must be purchased in person from an elderly woman who lives on the outskirts of Venice.

Not the Venice in California, the old one in Italy. That’s the rub. Still, even if you had the candles I really can’t talk about the procedure anyway.

The Harters

The Harters

The Harters Two brothers and a sister

location, location, location

location, location, location

Bridgestone You know the old line about location, location, location?

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