The Green Walk

Buddy Jewel

         Usually I create an environment, and it so. We conjure what we want, not work in an existing reality, This is – obviously – more of a reclamation, which we decided to do because the light was so beautiful. You wouldn’t believe how crummy that site was: we had to move the sheets of corrugated metal to get the look right, and because of how long the building had been empty, everything was covered in bird dung.

         We were all working maniacally, so we didn’t lose the light.

         I love this image because it’s a silhouette rather than a straight up  “here I am” kind of portrait. It’s more about the essence and movement – and evoking what’s inside this person, especially against an incredibly impersonal environment.

         To me, this is also a meditation on the anonymity we all walk through life in. But maybe, on the best days, it can hold the power of a dream unseen by the rest to propel us through the blur. I know I’d like to think so.

Sometimes a location is even better in person. This was not one of those times. I love the lines and texture, but you need to realize this building was very run down, and had been abandoned for many years. To call it nasty would be sugar-coating the truth.

Oh yes, show business is glamorous. Every minute of every day.


Sicker System

Sicker System

Sick Patients Sicker System How Clinician Leaders Become System Healers  



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