“Blood on the Bricks”

The idea of having a lunch meeting with Doc McGhee and Jon Bon Jovi about the upcoming Aldo Nova project is pretty amazing and frankly overwhelming in and of itself. I remember the 1st meeting being in a restaurant near Elektra Records on upper Sunset blvd. The whole experience was crazy, but what’s even weirder someone at the table recommended a Cobb salad – had never had a Cobb salad before – it was amazing, had no idea a salad could be a meal unto itself. But, sorry, you never know what crazy things are going to stick in this memory.

Yes, the guitar built into the wall is real…
So yes
Unfortunately, a guitar was harmed in the making of this cover…

Not Fakin’ It

Not Fakin’ It

Michael Monroe In the 80’s I was repeatedly told that I had been a major

Jet Boy

Jet Boy

SF Glamour Kings!

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